Simple Break-Even for Solar Installation. (Excel)

This Excel spreadsheet is the result of a reader asking for help creating a simple method of determining the break-even point for a solar power installation. It involves taking out a loan and applying the expected savings on the utility bill against the loan payments. The critical variables are: How much will initially be saved […]

U.S Treasury Daily Yield Curves From 1/2/1990-Present

Warning: Some MS 365 formulas that might not work with prior versions of Excel. Back in April I publish a post called Daily Treasury Security Rates. That post featured an Excel workbook that downloaded U.S. Treasury rates for the current month. This new workbook has Treasury rates starting 1/2/1990 and can be updated daily, when the […]

Amortization With Dates – 12 Payment & 15 Compounding Options

How many realistic payment schedules with dates can you think of? I came up with 12. Now, regardless of the payment cycle, how many compound interest methods can be applied to the 12 payment cycles? I came up with 15. This amortization schedule therefore has 180 (12 x 15) combinations of payment and compounding methods. […]