U.S Treasury Daily Yield Curves From 1/2/1990-Present

Warning: Some MS 365 formulas that might not work with prior versions of Excel. Back in April I publish a post called Daily Treasury Security Rates. That post featured an Excel workbook that downloaded U.S. Treasury rates for the current month. This new workbook has Treasury rates starting 1/2/1990 and can be updated daily, when the […]

Amortization With Dates – 12 Payment & 15 Compounding Options

How many realistic payment schedules with dates can you think of? I came up with 12. Now, regardless of the payment cycle, how many compound interest methods can be applied to the 12 payment cycles? I came up with 15. This amortization schedule therefore has 180 (12 x 15) combinations of payment and compounding methods. […]

Risk Management – Interpolated FICO Scores on Consumer Loans

I have been retired for several year now, but back in the day, we determined the interest rates we charged on consumer loans by using tiered FICO scores. The FICO scores were tiered, so that for example, everyone between a score 620 and 674 got the same rate on their loan. The borrower with a […]

Can Forward Yields Predict Future Treasury Yields?

This is not meant to be an academic work on the predictive abilities of forward Treasury yields. See the expectations hypothesis. Rather, it is a spreadsheet that, given a date in the past, calculates forward rates and then compares the forward yield curve to the actual yield curve on that future date. Thanks to the […]

Animated Treasury Yield Curves (1962-Present)

In July of 2015, I posted an animated yield curve chart:http://pistulka.com/Other/?p=1691. I have hopefully improved the chart and brought the yields curves up-to-date. You can also add daily curves if you like. The Excel file contains VBA, so some firms might not allow downloads. The yield curves are on a monthly basis from 1962-1989 and […]