Cash & Duration Neutral Butterfly (aka Duration-Hedged Barbell)

First in a series of butterfly Swaps. I will adjust the list below, as I add more butterfly swaps: 1. Cash & Duration Neutral Butterfly (aka Duration-Hedged Barbell) 2. Fifty-Fifty Butterfly Swap 3. Regression Weighted Butterfly Swap 4. Maturity Weighted Butterfly Swap This Excel spreadsheet shows how to set up a cash & duration neutral butterfly […]

Cherry-Picking a Loan Portfolio, Revisited

Readers might remember my original post and spreadsheet in August 2015 called Cherry-Picking a Loan Portfolio.  That spreadsheet relied upon going through a loan portfolio and placing an X next to the loans you were interested in purchasing. It was one way I used to purchase participation loans from other credit unions. They would show […]

Interest Penalty for Overtime Changes in State Law

Disclaimer: I am not an lawyer, and offer this spreadsheet free with no guarantees either written or implied, as to the appropriate use of this spreadsheet, or its accuracy. I am not recommending this spreadsheet to be used for any particular state or municipality.     Let us assume that you live in a state […]