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APR – Fixed Rate Mortgage

Given the inputs in yellow cells, check boxes and option buttons, this sheet uses an amortization schedule to calculate APR (or APY) for a fixed rate mortgage. Both Loan Balance and Interest Rate need no explanations. Truth in Lending Fees are additional dollar costs to the...
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PV and FV of Periodic Cash Flows

I thought I had already posted this spreadsheet, but it looks like I missed it. The sheet uses both formulas and Excel functions to calculate the present value, future value and also shows how to calculate the APR and APY on a cash flow, give...
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Macaulay Duration of an Amortizing Loan

The term “duration” is often used interchangeably by market participants to denote either a volatility measurement, a weighted term to maturity, or a portfolio risk measurement. In practice there is more than one definition of duration. The following describes the most basic duration along with it’s calculations. In...
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