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Time & Dollar Weighted Rates of Return Calculator

Most asset managers will publish their results in both time-weighted (TWRR) and dollar-weighted (DWRR) rates of return. TWRR is typically used by portfolio manages to compare their portfolio’s return to either other managed accounts or to an index. TWRR is more difficult to calculate for...
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PV & FV of Periodic Uneven Cash Flows

In the last post we looked at graduated annuities, where the cash flow changes at a given rate. Imagine you need the present value of an annuity with a cash flow that changes unevenly and that change stays the same for certain periods. Take for example the cash flow below: Here we...
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Graduated Annuities

A graduated annuity is like a regular annuity, except instead of getting the same cash flow each period, the cash flow grows at a given rate throughout the term. There a two basic types of graduated annuities, ordinary annuities (cash flow comes at the end of each...
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