Bank and Credit Union Board Presentations

I will start off by saying that this template only works with Excel 2013 or higher, because we need to use slicers with a table. This dashboard template might be of interest to the CFO or financial analyst that prepares the monthly presentations for the board, finance or ALCO (Asset/Liability Management ) committees. Loans and deposits make […]

Bond Swap – Horizon Analysis – Calculator

A few posts back we looked at Holding Period Return On Option-Free Fixed Income Securities. I thought we could take that one step further, and show horizon analysis for a bond swap. In order to help explain the calculator, I have divided the analysis into three sections and placed a rounded triangle around each one. The blue […]

Holding Period Return On Option-Free Fixed Income Securities

Back in January of this years I wrote a post (Mortgage Pool – Holding Period Return) accompanied by a spreadsheet, on how to calculate the holding period return and the internal rate of return, when buying and selling a pool of mortgages. This post uses the same logic, but is applied to option-free fixed income notes and bonds. I […]

Financial Ratio Gauges

When I first retired from the position of CFO, I thought I might try and help boards of directors of smaller financial institutions, that may not have a financial background, better understand their obligation to ask management the right questions. Typically, boards are given large board reports with dozens of pages of financial information, with one or […]