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Certificate Pricing for Credit Unions

The CEO at the credit union where I worked, told the story of how he would price certificates for the small credit union he came from, back in the day. I paraphrase, because like all good stories, it changes each time it is told. The CEO’s credit...
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Cherry-Picking a Loan Portfolio

I have an updated version of this post. Click here http://pistulka.com/Other/?p=3009: Have you ever wanted to cherry-pick a portfolio of fixed rate mortgages or throw out the mortgages you don’t want from a pool? That is what this spreadsheet called  “Cherry“ is for. A picture of...
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Mortgage Loan Pool Settlements

When purchasing or selling a residential mortgage pool between credit unions, or other financial institutions, accrued interest must be considered. One way to get around accrued interest is to settle on the 1st of the month. That is not always practical however. The first of the next month...
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