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MBS Amortization With VBA

If you search my blog, you will find dozens of amortization schedules produced by formulas. So why would you need an amortization produced with VBA? Every time you change any inputs, you have recalculate the schedule, while all my other amortizations are automatic. I created...
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Counting Binomial Lattice Paths

This is not an academic or financial post, but a fun look at the large number of possible paths available in the binomial lattice used in certain types of financial models. Although there is a small model in the accompanying spreadsheet, this post is mostly...
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Addition to Required Minimum Distribution

James was searching the web, when he ran across my Taxes workbook and the sheet called Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). He was looking for an Excel spreadsheet that calculated the net balance each year on tax differed accounts (IRR, 401k, etc.) after the return on...
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