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I am just fooling around with cash flows at this point. My last post was “PV & FV of Periodic Uneven Cash Flows, where I showed an easy way to enter cash flows that changed for different periods of time. I thought it might save time over entering all the cash flows separately. I am not going into details about this spreadsheet (UnevenPlusRate). Go back to “PV & FV of Periodic Uneven Cash Flows” for more information about calculations. Let me know if you see any errors, as I am making these cash flow calculation up as I go along and not testing them.

In this post I have taken it one step further and added a change in rate each time the amount and term changes. I am not sure what it can be used for in real life problems, maybe discounting an annuity that changes payouts, by the forward yield curve?


I have also added a cash flow that takes the data entered in the yellow input cells and populates an actual individual cash flow and calculates the present and future values, as a proof of the original calculations:


Download “UnevenPlusRate

All spreadsheets are created in Excel 2013

4 thoughts on “PV & FV of Periodic Uneven Cash Flows & Rates

  1. Rishi kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Can you please draw or mail me amortization table for flat interest rate in excel.
    Loan amount=1400000
    Flat Rate=11%

    I needed for flat rate case only in excel.
    please provide me excel table as soon as possible.

    1. Don Pistulka Don Pistulka says:

      I am emailing it now.


    2. Rishi kumar says:

      Thank you so much sir for giving me the appropriate example regarding flat rate case…

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