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In May of this year I offered a template of gages that a board of directors might find useful to spot problems in their credit union or small bank. Read the post Financial Ratio Gauges for more information on why I wrote the financial gages spreadsheet. The gages looked like this:


I have just put together another spreadsheet that does the same thing, but may or may not be easier to use. It is really a matter of taste and which one you think is easiest to understand. Like the gages, the bullet charts are colored green for good or red for a potential problem. The bullet charts have a little more room between red and green, with a yellow neutral. This is what they look like:


The inputs are much the same as the gages inputs. The charts need to be updated (push a button) each time the Chart Range is changed. One other difference is that with the gauges you pushed a button to reverse the red and green. In the bullet charts the colors don’t flip, but the chart range changes with a TRUE or FALSE drop down box, and the update button:

Bullet2 Please read and compare the two spreadsheets. As usual I spent the last few days putting this spreadsheet together, with no actual testing. If you find errors, please let me know.

Spreadsheet “Bullet


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