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You have a table of products, sales dates, and amounts:


Objective: Sum all sales amounts , from the same product, during a certain month and year.

Input in yellows cells only, any date within the month and year to be summed and a product code:

The answer has two formulas that are the same formula except one assumes the data is in a Table and one formula if the data is not in a Table:

Non – Table:


In addition I conditionally formatted the table to highlight the rows that fit the criteria with this formula:


Download workbook “Sum_within_month_and_year” from:


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2 thoughts on “Sum Amounts Sold During Month & Year

  1. Tom Si says:

    sumifs is a little clearer


    1. Don Pistulka Don Pistulka says:

      Thanks Tom.
      You are correct, it results in a much shorter formula. I am old school (I’m 70 years old) and my default formula for many projects has always been sumproduct. Its hard to break old habits.

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